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First a little bit about You

We recognise that its extremely difficult when presented with a list of hotels to make a choice, especially if every review says the same thing: beautiful hotel, fantastic location, yada yada. So what do you do? You pick one and cross your fingers.

Well it doesn't have to be like that. At Skoosh we've taken steps to put an end to this hotel lottery. We don't believe in moderating these reviews - so if you don't like something about a hotel we want everyone to know what it is. And if you like the hotel we want everyone to know too!

We strongly believe that the only reason you'll ever stay in a second rate hotel is due to lack of information. Because of this Skoosh has taken measures to ensure that its customers' have good and honest guidance when choosing a hotel.

About Us

The Skoosh team is made up of travel industry, marketing and I.T. professionals with a strong aim to distinguish ourselves through quality, both of product and service.

There is a huge number of companies offering hotel rooms out there, but most don't care if they ever see you as their customer more than that initial time. We want you to keep coming back to Skoosh, and so we need to treat our customers with the respect they deserve.

Whether or not you book, have fun on Skoosh and if there's anything you think we could do to improve the site please let us know.

Meet the team - they're real people!

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Skoosh International Ltd
Rochester House
48 Rochester Gardens
United Kingdom

Company number: 05391606
VAT number: 812 9028 44

Tel.: +44 (0)1273 728862
Email: res@skoosh.com

Latest Skoosh news

Skoosh Hotels on BBC Fasttrack
The UK Office of Fair Trading has launched a formal investigation into alleged price fixing in the online sale of hotel rooms.
Are major hotel chains and big online travel agents colluding in price fixing and making you pay more for rooms than you should be?
Skoosh featured on BBC news
"The Office of Fair Trading has launched a formal investigation into alleged price fixing in the online sale of hotel rooms. The investigation has been triggered by a complaint from a discount website called Skoosh.com..."
Skoosh Hotels in Tnooz
It's a little bit dramatic, but here is an example of what the travel press have to say about Skoosh's campaign against price fixing.
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Skoosh getting political again. In case you're wondering after you read this, we never got a reply from Kayak.
Skoosh featured in Financial Times
"Allegations of collusion between hotels and online booking operators to keep room rates artificially high are to be formally investigated by the Office of Fair Trading. The investigation was prompted by a complaint from Skoosh.com, an online discount booking company, which claims that bigger rivals are putting pressure on hotel operators to stop doing business with smaller online companies that sell their rooms at lower prices."
Skoosh in the Sunday Times
Skoosh was recently featured in an article in the Sunday times travel section.
Richard Green said;
"Skoosh.com offers significant savings on all sorts of hotel bookings across the world, and regularly undercuts kayak.co.uk, laterooms.com and hotels.com by as much as 50%"
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Skoosh reviews on twitter
You can now follow Skoosh reviews on twitter. Every review posted on Skoosh will also posted on Twitter. This mean your reviews are now even more useful as they will spread to a wider audience.
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