Skoosh in the news I think this is called 'blowing our own trumpet'!

Skoosh Ends the Hotel Lottery

Booking a hotel room in Europe used to be as case of choosing a price range and picking with a pin. Skoosh just made the selection process 10 times easier. [read more here]

Destinations Predict Sales Boost from Set Jetters

Recent reports in the rise in "set-jetting" may have been taken by some with a pinch of salt. But the phenomenon, where tourists include location visits from their favourite novel or film in their holiday plans, is being taken very seriously indeed within the travel industry, with hotels including the expected boost from this latest trend into their projected sales for 2006. [read more here]

Merchant and Hotel Chain Part Ways Over Disagreement on Commission

As the debate over the place of the Merchant Model in the hotel industry continues, two established players in the industry have parted ways after failing to reach an agreement on commission levels. After weeks of negotiation, the specialist hotel review company Skoosh and the landmark property Danubius Hotel Gellért in Budapest have agreed not to sign a contract for 2006. They're now both eagerly watching to see who predicted the market correctly. [read more here]

Merchant Vows To Protect Itself From Affiliate Fraud

The affiliate marketing world has been shaken in the last year by an increase in unsavory practices. Whereas merchants were once happy with a scattergun approach taking on as many affiliates as possible, they're now getting wary and are seeking new ways to keep rogue affiliates off their books. Twibo, one of the newest affiliate programs, has publicized the measures it will take against affiliates which it sees abusing the system. [read more here]

Paris Beats London in the Hotel Olympiad

London hoteliers remain confident that the decline in tourism after the recent terrorist attacks is short term. But industry sources say that it could be a long ride. In the meantime tourists are seeking other destinations, notably Paris and Barcelona. [read more here]

Hotel Booking Company Allows Customers To Decide Its Fate

Customer reviews of products and services are increasingly popular across the web. Companies are looking to see how they can use this information to improve their service. Skoosh Hotels, has decided to remove all listed hotels which receive negative reviews from its customers. [read more here]

DotCom Predicts End of Global Market

Pioneering consumers on the internet were restricted to buying from a limited range of widely-scattered websites. As the supply has increased we're now seeing a strong preference by consumers to buy from locally-based websites wherever possible. [read more here]